Our Projects


Saxum (Israel)


For many people a trip to the Holy Land is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We believe that to fully make use of the potential of a pilgrimage, it is necessary to combine the visit to the holy sites with times for reflection, prayer and study.

Saxum aims to offer a place where people from all over the world can feel at home in the Holy Land and can obtain the spiritual means and essential instruction and resources to enter more deeply into the Gospels, preparing them for a deeply personal and transformative encounter with Jesus Christ.

Our vision is that a stay or visit to Saxum would have the same effect as those hours the disciples had on the road to Emmaus: a time to be with Christ, and an opportunity to renew our lives.

The overall purpose of the Saxum Project in Israel is to offer people from all over the world a better understanding of the history of Israel in all of its facets.





Dworek Conference Center (Poland)


Dworek is a countryside house that hosts retreats, workshops, classes, conferences and other activities, like courses for women who want to start their own family business basing on their own farms.

For more info: http://www.dworek.org.pl










Arbor Study Center / Komati Foundation (South Africa)


Komati Foundation (hereafter “Komati”) is a non-profit organization actively working to transform South African society in the fields of education, human development, youth policy, social welfare and culture. Among Komati’s initiatives there is a residence for university students aimed at the holistic development of students into responsible and exemplary citizens.


For more info: www.komati.org






Kamalini (India) 

EDI (Educational Development Initiatives) has been carrying out since 1995 in India non-formal educational activities to advance education, culture, learning, training of character and spiritual development in accordance with the basic morals, ideals, principles and values of human life for the benefit of all persons irrespective of caste or creed.

Toward these aims, non-formal education centers in Delhi and Mumbai run programs for either boys or girls, men or women, independently, that periodically host conferences and seminars, and run service projects for the poor.

One of the projects, Vatsalya, has been providing vocational training for young women in domestic work in private homes since 1995, having reached to over 80 young women most of whom have not completed formal education beyond fifth class.

The Kamalini campus project is seen as an extension and further growth of that work to a wider public in a larger, official facility. The new campus will include an in-house training conference block which will serve as a venue for conferences and seminars promoted by the different study centers for either men or women, as part of the overall campus project.







La Cantera Conference Center (Uruguay)

Construction of a development and training center. This construction is understood in the frame of a project of development of the rural area of Montevideo, where La Cantera is located. This project points to improve the living conditions and opportunities of the inhabitants of the north region of Montevideo Rural, by the development and institutionalization of a model of sustainable self-management that provides training and productive employment.










Sui Wo Study Center (Hong Kong) 

Sui Wo Study Center should be viewed as a place in Hong Kong where young people (typically secondary school and university students) can get a holistic formation. Sui Wo aims to complement the academic formation provided in schools with important formation related to character building, virtues, values and a strong sense of service to society. Sui Wo also provides a Christian formation in a family atmosphere.

Sui Wo students are encouraged to live exemplary lives of cultivating the development of virtues, spirit of service and friendship among their peers which will hopefully lead to a revitalized Christianization among the young people in Hong Kong.